Journal papers
Mago: Mode of Transport Inference Using the Hall-Effect Magnetic Sensor and Accelerometer

Ke-Yu Chen
, Rahul C. Shah, Jonathan Huang and Lama Nachman
UbiComp (IMWUT) 2017 | Acceptance Rate: 8% (22/267)
Feasibility testing of a home-based sensor system to monitor mobility and daily activities in Korean American older adults

Jane Chung, George Demiris, Hilaire Thompson,
Ke-Yu Chen
, Robert Burr, Shwetak N. Patel and James Fogarty
International Journal of Older People Nursing 2016
Implementing technology-based embedded assessment in the home and community life of individuals aging with disabilities: A participatory research and development study

Chen, K.
, Harniss, M., Patel, S., and Johnson, K.
Disability and Rehabilitation: Assistive Technology 2013
Conference papers
Finexus: Tracking Precise Motions of Multiple Fingertips Using Magnetic Sensing

Ke-Yu Chen
, Shwetak Patel, Sean Keller
CHI 2016 | Acceptance Rate: 23%
| Honorable Mention (top 4%) | News press: MIT Technology Review (12/22/2015) Engadget (12/22/2015)
DOSE: Detecting User-Driven Operating States of Electronic Devices from a Single Sensing Point

Ke-Yu Chen
, Sidhant Gupta, Eric Larson, Shwetak Patel
IEEE PerCom 2015 | Acceptance Rate: 15% (29/196)
WiBreathe: Estimating Respiration Rate Using Wireless Signals in Natural Settings in the Home

Ruth Ravichandran, Elliot Saba,
Ke-Yu Chen
, Mayank Goel, Sidhant Gupta, Shwetak Patel
IEEE PerCom 2015 | Acceptance Rate: 15% (29/196)
| Best Paper Runner-up
SideSwipe: Detecting In-air Gestures Around Mobile Devices Using Actual GSM Signal

Chen Zhao,
Ke-Yu Chen
, Md Tanvir Islam Aumi, Shwetak Patel, Matthew S. Reynolds
ACM UIST 2014 | Acceptance Rate: 22% (74/333)
PDFDemo | News press: MIT Technology Review (09/26/2013) King 5 News (9/24/2013) GeekWire (9/19/2014)
AirLink: Sharing Files Between Multiple Devices Using In-Air Gestures

Ke-Yu Chen
, Daniel Ashbrook, Mayank Goel, Sung-Hyuck Lee, Shwetak N. Patel
ACM UbiComp 2014 | Acceptance Rate: 21% (94/454)
uTrack: 3D Input Using Two Magnetic Sensors

Ke-Yu Chen
, Kent Lyons, Sean White, Shwetak N. Patel
ACM UIST 2013 | Acceptance Rate: 20% (62/317)
uTouch: Sensing Touch Gestures on Unmodified LCDs

Ke-Yu Chen
, Gabe Cohn, Sidhant Gupta, Shwetak N. Patel
ACM CHI 2013 | Acceptance Rate: 20% (392/1963)
| News press: ExtremeTech (04/25/2013) MIT Technology Review (04/24/2013)
uLocate: A Ubiquitous Location Tracking System for People Aging with Disabilities

Ke-Yu Chen
, Mark Harniss, Justin Haowei Lim, Youngjun Han, Kurt L. Johnson, Shwetak N. Patel
EAI BodyNets 2013 | Acceptance Rate: 35%
LightWave: Using Compact Fluorescent Lights as Sensors

Sidhant Gupta,
Ke-Yu Chen
, Matt S. Reynolds, Shwetak N. Patel
ACM Ubicomp 2011 | Acceptance Rate: 17% (50/302)
| Best Paper Nominee (top 1.6%)Best Poster Award
Low Power Dynamic Bus Encoding for Deep Sub-micron Design

Kun-Lin Tsai, Shanq-Jang Ruan,
Ke-Yu (Li-Wei) Chen
, Feipei Lai, and Edwin Naroska
IEEE Northeast Workshop on Circuits and Systems 2005
Unobtrusive Sensing Techniques for Supporting Remote Monitoring in the Home

Ke-Yu Chen
, Shwetak Patel.
Doctroal Thesis, University of Washington, 2016
Dynamic Bus Encoding based on Realistic RLC Table

Ke-Yu Chen
, Fei-pei Lai.
Master Thesis, National Taiwan University, 2002
Diagnosis and monitoring of bruxism using earbud motion sensors

Awarded October 6, 2022 (US20220313153A1)
Disabling/Re-Enabling Head Tracking for Distracted User of Spatial Audio Application

Awarded March 31, 2022 (US20220103964A1)
RFID motion detection for dense RFID tag environments

Awarded November 4, 2021 (US20210342560A1)
Detecting positions of magnetic flux sensors having particular locations on a device relative to a magnetic field generator located at a predetermined position on the device

Awarded June 8, 2021 (US11029757B1)
Bend angle sensing mechanism for wearable device

Awarded April 28, 2020 (US10635172B1)
Behavior detection using rfid in environments with high rfid tag density

Awarded March 26, 2020 (US20200097690 A1)
Privacy-preserving behavior detection

Awarded March 28, 2019 (US20190096209 A1)
Automated delivery of temporally limited targeted offers

Awarded January 03, 2019 (WO2019005136 A1)
Detecting a mechanical device using a magnetometer and an accelerometer

Awarded October 11, 2018 (US20180292471 A1)
Detecting positions of a device based on magnetic fields generated by magnetic field generators at different positions of the device

Awarded March 30, 2017 (US20170090568 A1)
Detecting user-driven operating states of electronic devices from a single sensing point

Awarded March 10, 2016 (WO2016037095 A1)
Devices, systems, and methods for detecting gestures using multiple antennas and/or reflections of signals transmitted by the detecting device

Awarded December 30, 2015 (WO2015200710 A2)
Computing system with control mechanism and method of operation thereof

Awarded October 29, 2015 (US20150312402 A1)
Systems and methods for sensing environmental changes using EMI signal sources as sensors

Awarded August 20, 2015 (US20150233998 A1)
Computing system with command-sense mechanism and method of operation thereof

Awarded July 9, 2015 (US20150194145 A1)
Method and apparatus for responding to input based upon relative finger position

Awarded May 27, 2014 (US20140085177 A1)